How to Connect Roku Device To Your Smart TV?

Roku streaming device, allows a user to enjoy thousands of entertainment channels, directly on their TVs. A Roku streaming device works over the internet and offers ad-free online content. If you are thinking Roku streaming device is a DVD player, no its not. Roku is a not a solo digital media player, but it comes in various forms. Roku player varies to TV sets to set-top boxes. Roku device comes with integrated Movie streaming services, which you usually access on your Smartphone. Roku devices enhances your Satellite and Cable TV. Roku streaming device requires one-time investment and eliminates needs of monthly subscriptions, like you do with your cable TV. Now the question is, how to use Roku device, how to set it up with your TV?  You need to first login to Roku account, by using registered web address Activate Roku device through Roku login. To know more about Roku setup in details take a look at the below-given steps.

Steps To Connect Roku Device to TV

  •    Choose what type of Roku device you have. Generally, Roku comes in two forms, Roku stick & player. To setup both devices, your TV needs at least one HDMI port.
  •    Once you recognize the type of Roku device you have, plug one end of the HDMI cable into the rear of the Roku device. Other ends of the HDMI cable needs to be plugged into the HDMI port of your Smart TV.
  •    Just in case, there is no HDMI port on your TV, you can use the Roku Stick with your TV. You have to invest in an HDMI to Component adapter, only if your TV has yellow, red, white ports.
  •    Now, you can attach the Roku device to a power source. It is important to provide connection to your Roku device, in order to make it work.
  •    Switch On your TV & press the Input, Video and then the Source button of your TV remote.
  •    Make a selection of HDMI slot in which Roku Stick is already inserted. With this, Roku setup screen will get open. Now you can start up Roku setup & Roku login.

How to Setup Roku Device? 

  •    Choose your preferred language. Use the Arrow button on the Roku remote, for language selection & press OK.
  •    When you reach to network page, get connected to the Wifi.
  •    Scan networks by selecting the option, Scan again to see all networks & press OK button.
  •    Scroll through the wifi networks, until you find your wifi network.
  •    Click on the highlighted network and press OK.

To know further steps, call us at our toll-free number. You can also get assistance from us, on activation of a Roku device via If you face any difficulty during access of the registered web address, ask for troubleshooting tips from our team. We are always there to help you, so feel free to call us at our toll-free number, or chat live with us.


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