Learn the Methods to Setup Roku Device

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Roku device, which is known for broadcasting thousands of entertainment programs, directly on your Smart TV is super easy to setup. Roku has three types of devices, streaming player, Streaming Stick & Roku TV. All of them are user-friendly and entertains users, without broadcasting Ads. The Setup Method for every Roku device is the same all requires creating Roku account via www.Roku.com/link. It is possible that you might face an issue while accessing the Roku.com/link, but with our help, things can be different. In this blog, we will try guiding you on Roku setup & Roku login. You can also ask for Roku support, from us, at the time of any issue, confusion, and doubt. We are always there for Roku users, to help them in Setup Roku device. So, without much delay, take a look at the steps which we have arranged for you. We are sure these steps will help you in, connecting Roku device to the Network.

How to Connect Roku Device to Your Smart TV?

  • First, plug the HDMI cable one end to the HDMI port on your Roku Player. Next Insert the HDMI cable another end Into HDMI port of your TV.
  • There are few Roku devices, which allow the user to use a wired connection. If you also have same Roku device, connect it to your wifi router, by using the Roku device.
  • Next, plug in the one end of the power adapter to Roku player. Or Plugin its other end into the power strip.
  • Now, insert the batteries into the Roku Remote.

If you have confusion in above-given steps, take Roku support from us, by dialing our toll-free number.

How to Connect Roku Device to Your Home Network?

  • Switch On your TV, & Air to the exact HDMI input.
  • Now, on the Roku device, on your Smart TV.
  • Next, choose the setting, from the Home screen of Roku. Now, choose the Network, Wireless & then the Set up new Wi-Fi connection.
  • Select your wifi network from the given list.
  • When you choose the wifi network, you will see three green ticks. These three green ticks will show your Roku device has been setup.

You setup Roku is not complete, until you create Roku account, via www.Roku.com/link. Roku account, activate your Roku device, so it is important to create Roku account, via Roku.com/link. We are providing Steps to create an account for your Roku device.

How to Create Roku Account?

  • Roku account is supposed to be created before you add any channel.
  • First, perform Roku login, by visiting the www.Roku.com/link & unlink the Roku device, from the present account. Next log out of the account.
  • Now, turn on the VPN on your computer and Set it to your Country.

To know the further steps, give us a call at our toll-free number. We will provide you, the best steps to setup your Roku device. You can also do live interaction with the team, through live chat support window.